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Todays Mortgage Rates
Conforming Fixed - Loans up to $417,000
  Product Rate Points APR
  30 Year Fixed 4.000 1.875 4.182
  20 Year Fixed 3.875 2.000 4.142
  15 Year Fixed 3.625 1.250 3.853
  10 Year Fixed 3.500 1.625 3.910
Conforming ARM - Loans up to $417,000
  Product Rate Points APR
  5/1 ARM 3.625 1.250 4.784
  7/1 ARM 3.625 1.500 4.620
  10/1 ARM 3.750 1.750 4.485
FHA - Loans up to FHA standard limits
  Product Rate Points APR
  FHA 30 Year Fixed 3.750 1.711 4.644
  FHA 20 Year Fixed 3.750 1.711 4.901
  FHA 15 Year Fixed 3.375 1.653 4.401
  FHA 5/1 ARM 3.750 1.034 4.743
Last Updated 8/15/2018 6:02:26 PM
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You've got options! We have more than 150 home loan options for you to choose from. Need help finding the loan that's right for you? Call us today for expert home buying advice. Find out why we're America's BEST online mortgage lender.
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popular home loans
First Time Buyers Moving or Relocating Vacation or Second Home Finished Building a Home Interest-Only Period Fixed Rate Period Low/No Down Payment Loan Info
Lower your mortgage payment and gain flexibility with our most popular interest-only ARM.
10 years 3, 5 or 7 years Low down payment
Pay Option Advantage
Select the Pay Option Advantage and lower your mortgage payment over 50%. .
Check Check Check   10 years 5 or 7 years Low down payment
Jumbo Loans
For home owners looking to refinance over $417,000. Fixed or adjustable rates available.
10 years Term of loan Low down payment
PMI Waiver
Avoid costly mortgage insurance with less than a 20% down payment.
Check     Check 10 years 15 or 30 years Low down payment
Fixed-Rate Mortgage
For home buyers who will not be moving within 7 years and want a traditional fixed-rate mortgage.
  Term of loan Low down payment
Alternative Advantage – ALT A
A highly flexible loan with low or "no doc" options. Available with an adjustable or fixed rate.
  Check Check Check 10 years 3, 5, 7 or term of loan Low Down Payment
Lightening Fast & Easy
For home buyers with good to excellent credit, get a streamlined, low documentation loan.
  10 years Term of loan Low Down Payment
Fannie Mae Flex100
For home buyers who cannot afford a down payment, or who want to bring as little as $500 of their own funds to closing.
Check Check     10 years Term of loan No Down Payment
Fannie Mae Community100
Lower income families can get approved for full financing on a home.
    10 years Term of loan No Down Payment
Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Get a home loan with lower monthly payments than a conventional loan.
Check Check Check     3, 5 or 7 years Low Down Payment
Flexible 30 Year Fixed
A traditional mortgage, only better. Interest-only payments with a low, fixed rate.
10 years Term of loan Low Down Payment
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