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Conforming Fixed - Loans up to $417,000
  Product Rate Points APR
  30 Year Fixed 4.000 1.875 4.182
  20 Year Fixed 3.875 2.000 4.142
  15 Year Fixed 3.625 1.250 3.853
  10 Year Fixed 3.500 1.625 3.910
Conforming ARM - Loans up to $417,000
  Product Rate Points APR
  5/1 ARM 3.625 1.250 4.784
  7/1 ARM 3.625 1.500 4.620
  10/1 ARM 3.750 1.750 4.485
FHA - Loans up to FHA standard limits
  Product Rate Points APR
  FHA 30 Year Fixed 3.750 1.711 4.644
  FHA 20 Year Fixed 3.750 1.711 4.901
  FHA 15 Year Fixed 3.375 1.653 4.401
  FHA 5/1 ARM 3.750 1.034 4.743
Last Updated 8/15/2018 6:02:26 PM
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  Home Equity Loan Options
US Mortgage Capital offers a variety of innovative home equity loan options. Use your home equity to finance home improvements, pay off high-interest debt, college tuition and more. Choose the right home equity loan for your financial goals.

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popular refinance loans
Lump Sum Line of Credit Minimum Draw Fixed or Adjustable Rate Interest-Only Payments Loan Info
Freedom Loan
The Freedom Loan is a first lien home equity line of credit with lower closing costs and interest-only payment flexibility
Home Equity Loan
Get a lump-sum payment up to $1,000,000. There's no need to refinance your mortgage and your interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan!

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Home Equity Line of Credit
A home equity line (HELOC) is similar to a credit card. You pay only if and when you use it. Unlike a credit card, a home equity line of credit has better rates and the interest may be tax-deductible.
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