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Conforming Fixed - Loans up to $417,000
  Product Rate Points APR
  30 Year Fixed 4.000 1.875 4.182
  20 Year Fixed 3.875 2.000 4.142
  15 Year Fixed 3.625 1.250 3.853
  10 Year Fixed 3.500 1.625 3.910
Conforming ARM - Loans up to $417,000
  Product Rate Points APR
  5/1 ARM 3.625 1.250 4.784
  7/1 ARM 3.625 1.500 4.620
  10/1 ARM 3.750 1.750 4.485
FHA - Loans up to FHA standard limits
  Product Rate Points APR
  FHA 30 Year Fixed 3.750 1.711 4.644
  FHA 20 Year Fixed 3.750 1.711 4.901
  FHA 15 Year Fixed 3.375 1.653 4.401
  FHA 5/1 ARM 3.750 1.034 4.743
Last Updated 8/15/2018 6:02:26 PM
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  Best Rate/Low Fee Guarantee
US Mortgage Capital ® will guarantee to have delivered you with
the Lowest Cost Loan of any lender or pay you $600.00
How does this guarantee work?
We are so sure that you will get the lowest cost mortgage through US Mortgage Capital , that if you find a better offer prior to rate lock or closing, whichever comes first, we will beat it by at least $100.00 or we will pay you $600.00!
To qualify for the guarantee you must fax to 732-759-8197 the loan Application, loan estimate, and state compliant lock agreement from another lender which is dated within 24 hours of your US Mortgage Capital rate lock or application.
The Loan Estimate and lock agreement must be accurate and based upon a loan with the same terms and conditions, including interest rate, closing costs* and lock expiration period, as your US Mortgage Capital ® rate lock. For Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) the rate, term, margin, index and interim and lifetime caps must also be identical. US Mortgage Capital ® reserves the right to verify that the offer is accurate.
In the event that US Mortgage Capital ® is unable to beat the competing offer by $100, you must fax a certified copy of the fully executed note and closing disclosure statement within 15 days of your closing with the competing lender to 732-759-8197. US Mortgage Capital may take up to 60 days to process the check.
The note and closing disclosure statement must be accurate and match the terms and conditions, including lock period, of the documents presented for the Best Rate/Low Fee Guarantee.
US Mortgage Capital ® will make all determinations of eligibility and qualification for payment of this Guarantee at its sole discretion. The terms and conditions of the guarantee are subject to change or revocation by US Mortgage Capital ® at any time without prior notice. US Mortgage Capital ® is not responsible for system failures, communication problems, failed, incomplete or delayed transmissions, time and date stamp mechanism errors, technical malfunctions of any US Mortgage Capital equipment, any combination thereof, or other unforeseeable events beyond the control of US Mortgage Capital ®.
*Closing Costs include the following fees: application, appraisal, credit report, document preparation, flood certification, processing, tax service, underwriting, and prepaid finance charges as defined under the Truth in Lending Act.