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Conforming Fixed - Loans up to $417,000
  Product Rate Points APR
  30 Year Fixed 4.000 1.875 4.182
  20 Year Fixed 3.875 2.000 4.142
  15 Year Fixed 3.625 1.250 3.853
  10 Year Fixed 3.500 1.625 3.910
Conforming ARM - Loans up to $417,000
  Product Rate Points APR
  5/1 ARM 3.625 1.250 4.784
  7/1 ARM 3.625 1.500 4.620
  10/1 ARM 3.750 1.750 4.485
FHA - Loans up to FHA standard limits
  Product Rate Points APR
  FHA 30 Year Fixed 3.750 1.711 4.644
  FHA 20 Year Fixed 3.750 1.711 4.901
  FHA 15 Year Fixed 3.375 1.653 4.401
  FHA 5/1 ARM 3.750 1.034 4.743
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  Corporate Perks
US Mortgage Capital is pleased to announce the creation of its Employee Perk Portal. US Mortgage Capital is teaming up with employers throughout the country to offer their employees a perk--a private portal that provides special discounts and cool tools to its employees.
Corporate Discounts
US Mortgage Capital provides each employer with their own exclusive web-portal where their employees can go to get an exclusive, discounted price on a home loan--discounts that we do not offer on our public site. The portal costs the employer nothing. One H.R. director reacted to news of the portal in this way: "So, you're telling me that I can offer a benefit to my employees--one that truly has value--and it doesn't cost me a dime. And all I have to do is make sure that my employees know that it exists? That's a no-brainer. Sign me up!"
Every so often we think of something truly revolutionary. Such is the case with our Employee Perk Portal. To qualify to receive the portal, your company must:
  • Have a minimum of 100 employees.
  • Already (or at least be willing to) offer special perks to its employees.
  • Have an existing system (or being willing to create one) to communicate those perks to its employees (i.e. email blast from HR, or company intranet site, etc).
To learn how your company can participate, contact Robert Shamie at or at (732) 759-8189 ext. 101.
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  I, the applicant, possess authority to render executive decisions on behalf of the above stated company in terms of employee benefits and enrollment in affiliation programs to this end.
Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions apply to the Mortgage Benefit Program (the “Program”) of US Mortgage Capital:
  1. Company shall from time to time in its discretion inform its employees of the Program.
  2. Employees shall apply for a mortgage loan by submitting an application to Lender via its website, including with each application a coupon code supplied by Lender to Company.
  3. For each such loan application that is approved, US Mortgage Capital shall provide a discount on the loan origination fee that is would ordinarily charge a borrower. US Mortgage Capital may change the amount of such discount or discontinue the Program in its sole discretion, following notice to Company.
  4. Company is not obligated to cause any of its employees to apply for a mortgage loan from US Mortgage Capital, and US Mortgage Capital is not obligated to make a mortgage loan to an employee of Company.
  5. Company will inform US Mortgage Capital in writing if its number of employees declines to less than 25, in which case US Mortgage Capital reserves the right in its sole discretion to discontinue participation in the Program by Company’s employees
  By checking this box, I acknowledge on behalf of the Company its agreement to these terms and conditions and that I am authorized to do so as a representative of the Company