Refinancing Mortgage Inquiry
    Which mortgage(s) would you like to refinance?
  My 1st mortgage
  My 2nd mortgage
  My 1st and 2nd mortgages
What is your primary goal?  
How much cash do you want to take out of the property, over and above the balance of the loan?   $ 
What type of home are you refinancing?  
When did you purchase it?  
What is the estimated value of your home?   $ 
What mortgage term are you looking for?  
The loan balance on your 1st Mortgage is:   $ 
What is your current monthly payment?   $ 
What is your current interest rate?   %
Your current mortgage term is:  
Is your current mortgage a VA or FHA?  
VA FHA Neither
Does your mortgage payment include property taxes
and mortgage insurance?
Yes No
Do you have a second mortgage?  
Yes No
If you have a 2nd mortgage, what is the current balance?   $ 
If you have a 2nd mortgage, how much is the monthly payment?   $ 
The following questions must be answered by all applicants.
What is your household's
Annual income?
(Include commissions, bonuses
& child support.)
Please list all TOTAL credit card debt.   $ 
Please list all MINIMUM monthly debt payments.
What Do I Include?
Can you verify your income with paystubs and/or tax returns?  
Yes No
Please estimate your credit history:  
Excellent   Good credit history, no late payments, and an established line of credit.
Some Problems Average line of credit, no bankruptcy, liens or foreclosures within the last 2 years, and any of the following: a few late payments (30 days or less) including no more than 1 or 2 mortgage payments; 1 or 2 late payments on credit accounts (30 - 60 days late).
Major Problems Any of the following: Little or no existing credit; collection issues; mortgage payments late 60 days or more; consumer credit accounts with payments over 90 days late; bankruptcy, liens, or foreclosures within last 2 years.
Have you had a foreclosure or filed bankruptcy in the last 7 yrs?  
Have you had any tax liens or judgements against you or your property in the last 7 yrs?  
Borrower Information
First Name  
Last Name  
Your E-mail address  
City, State, Zip Code  
Work Phone Number  
Home Phone Number  
Mobile Phone Number  
Social Security Number
How long have you been at
your current job?
Are you self employed?  
Yes No
What is the Best Time for Lenders to contact you?  
Co-Borrower Information
Co-borrower's First Name  
Co-borrower's Last Name  
Social Security Number
Select the statement that best describes what you need from our service:
  I need a loan - find me a few lenders so that I can compare my options
  I am working with another lender but have not locked in my rate yet. I am interested
  I have already locked in a rate with another lender and I am just researching other options
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