Company Overview

US is a leading online marketplace that provides consumers with the ability to search through thousands of loan programs, lenders and rates. By simply completing a short online form, consumers are immediately connected to the best mortgage lender and program in minutes. Our completely automated system analyzes the data submitted on the short form and immediately selects the best loan program and rate for the consumer. Once our automated engine completes its analysis, the findings are directed to the best investor/program and in turn, the consumer is then contacted by up to 5 lenders within 4 hours (for inquiries submitted before 1PM EST).

Expertise and Relationships has developed direct relationships with over 30 of the nations leading mortgage investors. Our company has succeeded on the strength of its expertise, its relationships, and its competitiveness. Our management team leverages these assets to attract corporate clients, and through our network of relationships we can connect consumers with reduced-rate mortgages and fees. This practice has paid dividends in the number and quality mortgage programs that we can offer to consumers.

Technology believes in the intelligent application of technology to streamline every aspect of the lending process and connect all the parties associated with the lending transaction. The company has built a Web-enabled infrastructure employing the industry's most advanced technology to improve back-office efficiency and connect consumers with the best program for each individual’s credit and income history.

We have harnessed Web-based links to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other lending engines to produce one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. These capabilities allow us to empower consumers by not only directing them to the best loan program, but to the lender with the lowest rate and fees. Our Web-based system automatically directs consumer requests to the best mortgage investor. The company is completely automated enabling us to keep our expenses low and thus, pass along these savings in the form of exceptional service to the consumer. Moreover, we continually evaluate the industry's changing needs and emerging technologies to find the appropriate balance of service and profitability.


In addition to judiciously applying technology, we have also organized and trained our people to work with intelligence and efficiency. The company staffs a full-time web-development team and a full time client relations team that works in conjunction with our in-house underwriting consultants. This system makes for fast, seamless connections between lenders and consumers.

Mortgage Products connects consumers with the widest array of mortgage products designed to address market competition and meet the needs of increasingly market-savvy consumers. We offer 1157 loan programs for credit ratings ranging from A to D. In addition, we connect consumers to investors that provide Conventional and FHA loans, 95 percent NINAs, 107 percent financing for first mortgages, COFI and MTA loans, and a variety of other niche products. Most importantly, the company maintains very close relationships with our investors, which gives us flexibility in underwriting and allows us to connect consumers to the very best pricing available on all loans.

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